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Wax-Rx™ Ear Wash System

WaxRx Ear Washer System

Wax-Rx™ Ear Wash System


The Wax-Rx Ear Wash System effectively and safely removes built-up ear wax. This is the same system trusted for years in Doctor’s Offices - now available for home use.

  • 3 Complete Uses
  • Wax-Rx Ear Washer Spray Nozzle and Bottle
  • Splash Guard
  • Ear Wax Removal Aid Drops with Soothing Aloe and Chamomile
  • Disposable Tips
  • pH Conditioning Powder
  • Ear Basin

Ear Washer Kit Contents

Wax-Rx Ear Wash System
  • Ear Wax Removal Drops

    Made with 6.5% carbamide peroxide and soothing chamomile and aloe, our drops prepare your ear and assist the Wax-Rx in ear wax removal.

  • Ear Washer & Tips

    The Wax-Rx ear washer comes with disposable tips. Use a new tip for each ear cleaning.

  • pH Conditioning Powder

    Use after cleaning to condition your ear canal. Made with ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) which is great for ear health.

  • Ear Washer Basin

    Included with the Wax-Rx system is a handy basin to collect water under your ear.


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Place several drops of Wax-Rx® Ear Wax Removal Aid Drops in each ear and wait 5-10 minutes.


Fill the bottle with VERY WARM water* and attach the sprayer. Twist a disposable tip onto the nozzle. Place basin under the ear and rapidly pump fluid into the ear. Repeat as needed to remove all wax.


Empty 1 packet of EARVANA pH Conditioning Powder into bottle and fill with VERY WARM water. Rinse ears with conditioning solution. Discard tip after use and any remaining solution.

*VERY WARM distilled, filtered or previously boiled water. Please do not use tap or faucet water in any step unless it has been previously boiled and cooled down. If water is warmed in a microwave, warm it in increments of 5 to 10 seconds. Always ensure water temperature is not too hot before using to avoid possibly scalding your ear canal.

Features and Benefits

Doesn't Hurt
Doesn't Hurt

The Wax-Rx is gentle to use. You may experience strong pressure during use, but never pain!

Multiple Uses
Multiple Uses

Your Ear Washer can be used over and over again, just replace the disposable tip between each cleaning. Additional tips are available with our refill kit.

Safe For Ages 12+
Safe For Ages 12+

For use on younger children, first consult your physician.